Easily create a totally new style and look for you and your friends. You just have to select a layout (caricatures, celebs, actors/actresses, award ceremonies, space flights, dangerous jobs, etc), upload and adjust a photo. Now you can send to your friends, post in your blog and make it available to the world!

Here you can swap bodies with famous people or a person in a funny scene. Each template is basically an image of somebody where you can put your face on their body. Simply upload a digital photo, choose a scenario & stick your face in the holes! Some of the face templates are cartoons, some are real people & some are caricatures. Give yourself an instant makeover or put your face on the opposite sex for a gag, we have hundreds of humorous scenes to put your "mug" on. Some of the layouts are not humanoids, they may be animals &/or inanimate objects.

Click here to browse through the 20+ pages of body templates. Over 500 bodies to choose from!

Use your video webcam HERE (pose & make funny faces live).

We suggest using a high resolution (keep it under 500KB in size) scan of your passport or drivers license photograph (or a similar type image you take with a digital camera) as you are looking almost directly forward towards the camera. Our templates mostly have holes where the original model was looking almost directly forward.


Give yourself a brand new look, embarrass your coworkers, or play a joke on your friends with the help of this fun website.
Left is a face template for you to download. When browsing the bodies & you select a thumbnail, uploading an edited template will allow the default body pages to have your face in the proper spot (may require fine tuning, but no drag & drop editor needed).

Make a new layer (Photoshop or free software GIMP) over the template & get a good quality digital photograph of yourself with a similar face position (looking forward). Now roughly cut out your head (you can go outside the lines, but not inside) & then paste it in a new layer (hide the other layer with your original photo). Now resize & adjust your head to match the face on the layout as close as possible. Save image as a high quality JPG & then upload here.

Don't resize the image (dimensions won't match up if you change the width/height).



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BodySwitcher.com is a virtual version of those wooden theme park (amusement parks, county fairs) characters with "cutout holes" for your head, except with a vast selection of cool "Scenarios" to choose from. Upload a photo, browse the thumbnailed templates, once you've found the perfect scenario simply make a few adjustments, and email your hilarious creation to friends and co-workers or download to print at home/office.